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twovests OP wrote

I can't really blame you for how you feel here. I'm feeling pretty similarly. Choosing between two parties where the common ground is "genocide is good and we have an obligation to perpetuate it" is driving me insane.

At the same time, I can't realistically imagine any path to ending the genocide without the US democrats in control (on top of all the other things that are A Little Bit Better with dems). (Even then, I don't think it's realistic, or even plausible. Just far more likely than it coming from Republicans, and that as far more likely than something like a successful revolution with a better govt.)

I don't say this to convince you otherwise. If anything, I guess I might be convinced otherwise. If we're both in blue states, a vote for Jill Stein (mannn) might scare Dems by that fraction of a bit. Fuck it, let's vote for Jill Stein